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East Longmeadow Garden Club Scholarship

$1,000 Scholarship Application


--Applicant must presently be an East Longmeadow High School senior or a recent graduate of

East Longmeadow High School who is planning to attend an institution of higher learning;

--OR a graduate student who is a resident of East Longmeadow and is attending or planning to attend an institution of higher learning;

--OR an East Longmeadow student who is a resident and has been accepted to participate in a special program.

All applicants must be planning to pursue adegree in a major relevant to the following:

Agriculture, Botany, Conservation, Ecology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Floral Design, Forestry, Landscape Architecture, Oceanography, Perma-culture/Agro-ecology or a related field.

Applications MUST include a copy of an official grade transcript and MUST be received before the last day of February (February 29, 2020).

Applicants being considered will be contacted by the Esther A. Rosati East Longmeadow Garden Club's Scholarship Committee for an interview.  The recipient will be awarded his/her scholarship at the annual May meeting of the East Longmeadow Garden Club.


Send completed application and transcript to:

Mrs. Rae Davis

50 Mayfair Street

East Longmeadow, MA  01028